Welcome to my website.

Throughout these years, i have been always wanting to be able to sketch and produce paintings to express the beauty of art around me. Today, i am glad that i am able to put up a collection of my productions and reproductions online, as a personal repertoire and as a gallery for others to enjoy and hopefully appreciate my works.

My artistic experience and collection throughout the years embrace various media such as oils, acrylics and watercolors, all of which reflect different moods and thoughts which pass my mind at the time of thinking about the sketch.

Whilst thanking you for visiting my site, I appreciate your support, look forward to receive your comments and thoughts and hope to be able to express love and artistc beauty through my works of art. 


The Yacht Yard 36x44cm 260
Bunch of Flowers 22x30cm 180
Sliema Creek 35x43cm 200